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5 Steps to a Recording Studio Installation


How to Build an Exceptional Recording Space

Did you know that The Beatles spent five months and 700 hours recording their Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album? It’s widely considered their most creative endeavor and a turning point in their career. Without the freedom to explore in the studio, the album would not have been the same.

Most musicians don’t have a Beatles-amount of time available in a rented studio. However, with your own recording space, you’ll be free to experiment and create until you’ve created the perfect track!

A recording studio installation is not the sort of thing to be done on-the-fly or without help from a professional. As an installer based in Palm Beach, FL, and cities worldwide, we’ll share the steps you can expect from us in order to build a proper, complete recording studio.


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  1. Define Your Focus and Needs

What sort of musician or creator are you? The type of work, the music that you primarily  write and/or record, will influence how we design the room and choose the proper equipment. If you’re an electronic, EDM artist, for example, you’ll need more sound isolation in the bass frequencies and a properly treated room for that style of music. If you’re only recording yourself, an interface with 8 channels or less should suffice along with a properly treated room more focused on natural space.

A loud band or heavier style of music will require several microphones, preamplifiers, and processors with multiple inputs, and the maximum amount of acoustic treatment in a soundproof room. If you’re recording voice-overs, audiobooks, or podcasts, you’ll need to invest in a high-tier microphone with excellent sound isolation in the room.


  1. Find the Right Location

The kind of projects you’ll be working on will also influence how much space you’ll need. If you’re a mix engineer, you won’t require as much room as a six-piece rock band with a live room to record. Just as important as the size of the mixing and recording spaces are your studio’s location and layout.

You’ll want to find the most isolated space possible so that outside noises won’t interfere with your recordings, and loud music won’t bother neighbors. We’ll avoid assembling your studio in a room with steep ceilings, open walls to other rooms, or dramatically angled walls, as this can disturb acoustics and how your instruments sound.


  1. Plan Ahead for Wiring

You’re going to need the proper amount of power outlets in your studio, and you won’t want to daisy-chain all your gear to one location. We’ll create a studio design that incorporates wiring to be discreetly hidden while also keeping electrical and audio cables separate, preventing electromagnetic interference.  The power requirements are calculated as part of our turnkey approach to building a studio.


  1. Secure A Building Permit (If Necessary)

If your studio installation involves remodeling or construction, it’s best to check with your city or county code department about permits. We’ll assist you in making sure you’re all clear to build before we get started.


  1. Treat Studio for Acoustics and Soundproofing

Want to avoid a visit from the police citing a noise complaint? Or eliminate the sound of passing cars from your recordings? That’s where soundproofing and proper isolation is crucial. And it’s imperative that your instruments and voice don’t include echoes and slaps? Well-designed acoustic treatments will fix that, all of which we will provide.

To absorb low frequencies and high sound levels, we’ll need the right absorptive material on the walls and ceilings. That, along with diffusers, usually semi-cylinder shapes, will scatter sound to avoid ‘flutter’ and ‘slap’ sounds in the playback of your music.


Recording Studio Installation in Palm Beach, FL

Are you ready to build your own haven for music production? Contact Frangioni Media to get started on your recording studio today.

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