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What AV Installation Is Right for Your Home?


Explore the Many Creative Ways Audio and Video Can Enhance Your Property

What TV shows would you love to revisit? What movies have you been meaning to watch for years? And what musicians’ soundtrack is with you year after year?

No matter your answers, the ways we enjoy media can make all the difference. A great speaker system can bring your family together and make music come alive. Or you can immerse yourself in a home cinema with sights and sounds like the filmmaker intended to be experienced.  Never having to leave your home and go to a commercial movie theater to experience it!

There are many ways to approach an AV installation. Which features are right for your Fort Lauderdale, FL, home? Explore your options and get inspired below.

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In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers

Want to enjoy high-end audio throughout the house without adding bulky speakers to your décor? Maintain your minimalistic style with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, which are recessed into the surface like lighting. Low, mid, and high-range frequencies will emanate from your walls, all while hidden. You can go even further with ‘invisible audio’, which encloses speakers behind the wall and covered over. You’ll still hear your favorite tunes, just as though they’re playing out of thin air.


Outdoor Audio & Video

Why limit your movie nights, workouts, and music relaxation to the indoors only? A weatherproof speaker and screen system can withstand wind, rain, heat, and cold, so your devices can remain installed outdoors all year long. We’ll run cables underground so that speakers blend right into your landscaping. Outdoor TVs are manufactured bright enough to shine clearly with reduced glare, even in the middle of the day. Connect your outdoor AV to your indoor speakers, so as you walk indoors and outside, the same music will follow you.  There are even outdoor projectors and screens or a 200” retractable in-ground Porsche-Design TV!


Video Walls & Projectors

Whether it’s for a home theater, media room, or multipurpose living space, there are several ways to install a larger-than-live screen. LCD video walls tightly stitch multiple screens together to look like one large canvas with high brightness and superb image quality. You can get creative with video walls, too, installing them in unlikely locations like the end of a hallway, displaying nature footage for a serene atmosphere or on a wall that extends multiple stories high.

Alternatively, you can opt for a projector system. Today, native 4K HDR projectors display detailed content with improved color accuracy and saturation. We’ll help find the right screen for your space to reduce ambient light so that your videos are never washed out. In one press of a button from your control system, you can watch your screen retract from the ceiling, shades lower over the windows, and lights dim for showtime.


Surround Sound

Visuals are only half of the home cinema experience. For rumbling bass notes in music and action scenes, you’ll need a subwoofer. To enjoy clear dialogue, a center channel speaker delivers crisp vocal frequencies. A surround sound setup usually includes five speakers—two in the front, two in the rear, and a center speaker, plus a subwoofer. Dolby Atmos places sound at precise locations in the sound field, rather than through designated channels. If a car drives across the screen, you’ll hear it drive across the room, just like real life. ATMOS is the way to go for any true cinematic experience!


Could your Fort Lauderdale­–area home use an audio-video upgrade? Contact Frangioni Media to discuss your needs, and we’ll find the best AV installation solution.

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