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David Frangioni




We create music because it burns in our soul to do so; the alternative is not an option. The lyrics and the soundscape combine to generate an evocation of the human condition.

The tools we use should be equal to the vision in our heads, capable of providing the means to bring it to life. A recording studio installation offers the best path to capturing consistent creativity. 

As music transitions from simple stereo to a more immersive format such as Dolby Atmos, the right room and speaker set up is critical. Choosing the right equipment and acoustically treating the space takes obsessive attention to detail and a passion for perfection. In short, it takes an expert.

Working with the right professional to create your studio, whether you’re located in Miami or one of our other locations worldwide, is essential. Keep reading to see what we do differently.


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The Room Matters

A great studio can come in nearly any size; we work with you to design and build a customized space suited to your individual needs. The way a room sounds to you, and others outside it, along with how it affects your workflow is vital.

A room should be the right mix of live reverberations and damping to allow precise movement of the sound’s attack, sustain and decay without causing unwanted echoes or null spaces. Using acoustic analysis of your space, we design treatments that not only maximize recording and listening but isolate it all from adjacent rooms or neighbors.

How your space is organized has a tremendous influence on your creative output. If cables and equipment are not wired and labeled so that they can easily be traced for service or expansion, hours of precious time can be wasted when troubleshooting or expanding your studio. Similarly, having working surfaces that encourage specific tasks or stages of work can make the most of each step.  Crafting a comfortable aesthetic with acoustically compliant and correct materials will help delineate spaces for functions as well as inspire your creativity.  Bold decor and design will not only inspire but motivate you, and your collaborators, even during long hours in the studio.

Stepping into Immersive Music

Music has always had the power to move us, becoming a nearly transcendent inspiration source.  The advent of stereo let us hear and feel the music more directly, giving space to the instruments in our ears and in our head. A more immersive form is taking hold, such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS:X or Ambisonics, one that excites artists as much as it thrills listeners.  When building or retrofitting your studio space, we recommend that you seriously consider including immersive audio playback/mixing capability.

Immersive music is the next significant era in sound; it reinvents how songs are made and experienced. With formats such as Dolby Atmos, the space in which instruments and vocals sit is dramatically increased. The restrictive confines of stereo are shattered with the precise placement of individual sounds, voices, and effects. Most devices from smart speakers and streaming services now provide Atmos support; the tide is turning toward a better music method.

Recording and mixing in Atmos requires a specific setup to accurately capture and place sounds where they are desired. Determining the speakers’ placement around and above you in a studio is critical. While a bigger room enables more flexibility and aural space, a 7.1 configuration is fairly common; we can work with you to bring this to almost any mixing area. Whether you mix on physical speakers or binaurally with headphones, our designs let you make the most of your studio.

Frangioni Media has embraced Atmos since its inception, and we are the industry-leading installers and consultants for this solution.

When you’re ready to start working on your recording studio design, remember that you have an experienced professional in your corner. Contact us by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’re looking forward to getting started on your design!

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