Curating meaningful pop-culture and entertainment content with an emphasis on preserving masterpiece classics and historical memorabilia 


Frangioni Media is dedicated to creating multimedia content that is meaningful to pop culture aficionados across the globe, with an emphasis on preserving curated collections of masterpiece classics and original memorabilia. 

Frangioni Media, in conjunction with Insight Editions/SIMON AND SCHUSTER, will be publishing two books in 2018. These books feature the iconic movie art and memorabilia from legendary director, actor, and producer, Clint Eastwood, and the world's greatest drum kits and most famous drummers of our lifetime.



Clint Eastwood: Icon

The Essential Film Art Collection: Revised and Expanded Edition

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Featuring rare, outstanding, and some never-seen-before content, Clint Eastwood: Icon is the definitive collection of film and art, and material representing Clint Eastwood’s legendary career.


The World's Greatest Drum Kits From Appice to Peart to Van Halen

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From snares to cymbals, drums are taking over the stage in this first-ever collected look into some of the most famous drum kits of rock and roll history. Foreword by carl palmer and afterword by Eric Singer.