The Frangioni Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to engage, teach, inspire, heal and enrich the lives of as many people as possible within our communities and globally through the power of music, technology, faith and charity. Drawing upon the Foundation’s many contacts within the music industry, the Foundation will continue to forge public and private partnerships to fulfill its mission.

David Frangioni started Frangioni Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to engage, teach, inspire, heal, and enrich lives through the power of music, technology, faith, and drumming. One of David’s many passion projects is the Drum Experience Center that has original stage-played drum sets from famous drummers. Youth will be able to learn, play and be inspired on actual celebrity owned equipment. Famous drummers will do clinics and presentations, along with private events. All on behalf of Frangioni Foundation.



Drums are the heartbeat of the Foundation and the passion of its founder David Frangioni along with its board of directors. Hit the Dec drum experience center was established in 2016 with pieces donated from the private collection of Mr. Frangioni as well as other donors.

The center is actively acquiring iconic and historically significant drum kits, percussion and other musical instruments and items. Thematic exhibits are planned using the center’s collection pieces as well as those on loan from museums and private parties.

Hit the DEC has a loan program in place to allow its pieces to be loaned to other museums around the world. It endeavors to partner with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation among others. Hit the DEC features a library, bookshop, internship program, ongoing lecture series, seminars and webinars with a drum shop hosted by vintage drum expert Steve Maxwell! Hit the DEC inspires children and people of all ages at a time when they need it most.